Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Birthday Letter For My Best Friend

"A hero to me is somebody who is selfless, who exemplifies a generous spirit, who gives back as much as possible to help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people with their spiritual gift, and who will always put others before themselves."

"One of the best feelings in the world is being able to be leaders in Ministry together and holding each other accountable."

A Birthday Letter For My Best Friend

Not only is today Mark’s Birthday, but it’s his 3rd birthday that we are celebrating together, and I can’t think of a better way to wish him a Happy Birthday than to share my thoughts with him here on our blog, and relive our moments of celebrating together.

Happy birthday, babe.
Although it’s your birthday today, my mind is filled with all of the amazing gifts, life lessons, and love that you’ve given me. There are a handful of things that I am sure of in life, and one of those things is that I know God created you just for me…for this journey that we’ve built and embarked on has been indescribable, nearly perfect and yet amazing.

How do I know this?
Your strength and determination ease fears that I’ve carried throughout my life. You fell in love with a woman who was a sex addict, and you showed me the love of God.

Your calm, phlegmatic spirit softens the sharp edges of my choleric temperament, and we balance each other out so well.
You have protected, cushioned, and loved me through our struggles to fill our bodies with purity, build up our faiths, and build our walk with God, together.

Your unflappable nature reassures me that together, we can face anything with grace. Your mom even approves. 

Your amazing sense of humor brings out my silly side and keeps me from taking myself and life too seriously, when I’m over working myself, or running out of gas because I was way too busy to see my gas light was on; you still came with a smile on your face to my rescue. My hero, forever.

Dynamic duo, we are. Not because it's a cute title, not because social media calls every two good-looking people regardless if they are making a difference in life or not a "power couple", but we are a dynamic duo because we both know the importance of serving the community, our church, people around us, and each other.

Today, I celebrate your life.

You have brought a sense of stability to my life that I’ve always dreamed of that has made me feel safe enough to reach for my dreams. You inspire me every day to always resemble Christ in all that I do, even when sometimes it’s so hard for me to do so.

You are truly everything I ever dreamed of. I remember writing to God in my prayer journal, the ideal man that I wanted. Each attribute that I wrote down was the total opposite of you,  and God knew it was because I was only after the materialistic, already established man, instead of being on a life-long journey of building together.

Your passion is my passion. I am your biggest fan, and will always be your biggest fan.

Since you entered my life, you have made every day feel like my birthday.

And I just want to say, I love you...
I love your intelligence
I love your passion for life, acting, and being God’s image at all times
I love how I thank God every day for bringing someone as wonderful as you into my life
I love the ways you choose to show your affection for me
I love the way you inspire me to be more than I am, and more than the life I lived
I love you just the way you are

I will spend the rest of my days showing you how grateful I am to call you my best friend. Don’t ever change, for anyone.

May your day be wonderful just as you are.
I love you beyond words,