Sunday, February 14, 2016

We're Getting MARRIED! Celebrate with Us On Our New JOURNEY!

The full story on how I proposed to Brittney on Friday, February 12th, 2016. Brittney received an e-mail from a huge Christian magazine saying that she and I were selected to be interviewed for our story on abstinence. What Brittney did not know is that I created the fake e-mail and the entire interview to set up our marriage proposal. In this video you will see live footage and behind the scenes footage of how the evening went.

Thank you to all of our guests who kept this a secret, and who attended the surprise engagement! Thank you to these special people who played a MAJOR part in making this day super special!

Interviewer: Chrisdine King (Professional Actress)
Producer: Kobe King (Live Video Feed)
Videography: Alejandro Orengo
Photography: Eric Slye (Slyeman Productions)

Thank you everyone for your love, prayers and support! Follow us on our journey until the #McKinnonMatrimony!


  1. This was so beautiful!!!! Congrats again love you both!

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  3. I cried like a baby! If I don't know absolutely nothing else about you Britt I know you deserve this and so much more! Love you love your spirit and I love this 🤗❤️😘

  4. I cried when I saw Brittney's reaction and her face. I could feel the emotions as I watched the video. Please continue to do what you're doing and post because you never know who's watching. I'm sooooo inspired and just love yal.

    1. Oh I have shared this blog with many so you have to continue sharing lol

  5. Mark I'm so proud of you. I remember just a few months ago asking you when you to were going to tie the knot? Good things come to those who truly wait. You and Brittany definitely are made for one another. So happy for the both of you. Momma M.

  6. I loved watching every moment. Congratulations. #McKinnonMatrimony

  7. Corey & Kia MullinsFebruary 24, 2016 at 2:48 AM

    Breathtaking Guys... this was beyond beautiful Mark!... you rock!!! Keep surprising her...